Jason Momoa’s portrayal of Aquaman, hitting theaters tonight, signifies the end of Aquaman the quasi Ken Doll with an ever-changing back story, and the beginning of Aquaman the badass. In the past it would be difficult to find a kid that prefered Aquaman to other members of the Justice League. Depictions like the one you see above, coupled with multiple origin stories, made it hard for kids to connect with him. Tonight, director James Wan sets the record straight. But before we say goodbye to the old Aquaman, let’s take a look back at Aquaman’s history and how we got to where we are today.

During the Golden Age of comics, Aquaman first revealed his origins to us in a simple paragraph. He described himself as the son of a famous undersea explorer that had discovered Atlantis. He goes on to explain how his father used the lost records and technology of Atlantis to transform Aquaman into a superhero. However, this origin story would change dramatically during the Silver Age of comics.

In this time period writer Robert Bernstein established that Aquaman’s name was Arthur Curry. He explains that Arthur was the son of a lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry, and an Atlantean named Atlanna. As a child Aquaman discovered his abilities to communicate with sea life and survive underwater. He eventually developed to become the protector of Earth’s oceans. What he did not know is that once again his back story would develop into something different.

The Modern Age origin story retains a lot of what we had learned about Aquaman from the Silver Age with more detail. In this era, writer Robert Loren Fleming represents Aquaman as the son of a mysterious Atlantean wizard named Atlan and Queen Atlanna. Blond hair was seen as a curse to the suspicious Atlanteans so Aquaman was left abandoned. Eventually Aquaman would be discovered as a feral child by a lighthouse keeper named Arthur Curry, who named Aquaman “Arthur Curry” after himself. But when the lighthouse keeper disappears one day Aquaman sets off for adventure, leading to many of the Aquaman stories we know and love.

Aquaman’s origin story goes through one last rendition years later in the Brightest Day event, where he revealed to Aqualad that the narrative portrayed during the Silver Age is accurate. Aquaman is the half-human son of Tom Curry and an Atlantean queen. This is the narrative the Aquaman movie will be affirming tonight. For the rest of the story you will have to catch it in theaters.

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