One summer can change everything for the streaming giant Netflix as they released season three of the hit sci-fi show “Stranger Things” on the Fourth of July. To no surprise, the third installment of the Netflix original is “breaking Netflix records,” according to their official twitter account. With over 40.7 million household accounts streaming the show since July 4th, and 18.2 million having already finished the new season, Netflix’s ratings are turning upside down.

Set in Hawkins, Indiana, during the summer of 1985, we find the group on the cusp of adulthood. Relationships change and romances bloom, complicating the group’s dynamic. All the while danger looms. Once again it us up to Eleven and her friends to save the town from evil incarnate.

Those that have already finished season three are already asking: when is season four coming out? This season took over a year and half to be released and only four days for 18.2 million people to binge. Unfortunately, there has been no official word on season four, but last year David Harbour told CNET he plans to create at least four seasons.

Rubie’s Costume Company has been fortunate to partner with Netflix on past two seasons of Stranger Things, and we are so excited to present this seasons costumes below. There are so many new looks for all your favorite characters. Hopefully your summer is a little less stressful than the gangs!

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